If you ask anyone on the street “would you like whiter teeth?” The answer is a given: “of course!”

Teeth can become stained by eating coloured foods and drinks as well as ageing. Certain medications and compounds can also stain the teeth permanently. Stains caused by food, drink and ageing are easy to remove, the longer they are allowed to accumulate on our teeth the more that they penetrate the matrix of our enamel. Hydrogen peroxide is used to break the bonds of these compounds; therefore, removing the stains.

Whiter teeth are a sign of health, good esthetics and youth. We all strive to keep our teeth the whitest possible by regularly brushing and flossing after we eat. However, we can’t always get our teeth their whitest once they have been stained / yellowed over time.

We first assess your eligibility and potential for benefit from teeth whitening by completing an exam of your teeth and determining where your teeth are on the shade chart and how many shades lighter you should possibly expect your teeth to become after teeth whitening. You may call us to book a complimentary consultation.

After assessing your eligibility for teeth whitening we can use two methods of tooth whitening:

Zoom Whitening

  • This is a very powerful way to get teeth to whiten by up to 8 shades in one office visit.

  • It is a 1.5 hour session performed at our Vancouver dental office by the dentist.

  • The procedure involves the following steps:

    1. Isolation of your gum tissues by the dentist using liquid dam as well as gauze and mouth retractors.

    2. Polishing of your teeth by the dentist – freshly polished teeth allow better penetration of the hydrogen peroxide into the enamel and therefore better results!

    3. Hydrogen peroxide application by the dentist.

    4. The Zoom Advanced Power Light Activation to synergize the way hydrogen peroxide cleaves the stains on your teeth – this is much more powerful that hydrogen peroxide gel alone.  This occurs in three to four 15minute light sessions until we achieve the desired result.

    5. Application of desensitizer.

    6. Take home after care instruction.

Take Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Our take home teeth whitening kits contain professional grade hydrogen peroxide concentration. It is a lower concentration than the in-office system; however, still contains a higher concentration than drug store brands as well as a specified concentration unlike the drug store brands. Some of the products we carry even contain a desensitizer for those who have sensitive teeth unlike the drug store brands. The product is to be applied daily for about 14 days to achieve about 4-6 shades difference than your starting shade.

We provide the following options for take home teeth whitening kits:

  1. Readymade hydrogen peroxide strips – containing professional grade hydrogen peroxide and cannot be sold at any drug store

  2. Custom made trays with take home peroxide gel.

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