Our Services

Wisdom teeth extraction– simple and complex

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Surgical Services

Periodontal care and Implant Placement

Periodontal Surgeries and Cleanings

Gum graft surgeries to cover exposed roots, gum shaping surgeries and deep pocket cleaning for periodontal disease help establish a healthy and therefore radiant smile. We will always provide you with pre and post operative instructions and care to ensure a comfortable visit.

Dental Extractions

From simple teeth extractions to complex wisdom teeth extractions, we take care to establish a good digital picture of your dental anatomy, prescribe medications that help to prevent infection and inflammation and provide you with aftercare instruction and post operative follow up.

Implant placement for missing teeth

We use our Cone beam CT scanner to ensure that the placement of the implant is safe and stable (avoiding blood vessels and nerves, bone density and levels) and the doctor will ensure safe and comfortable bite dynamics before we place the implant. We always provide you with pre operative instructions and medications, post operative instructions and medications, an emergency line to call in case of any issues as well as post operative appointments to ensure appropriate healing.