Good oral hygiene is the cornerstone of a healthy and beautiful smile.

Naturally occurring bacteria in the mouth secretes a film on our teeth known as plaque. When plaque accumulates over time, it can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Good oral hygiene, including your regular home routine and routine dental cleanings, are the best defenses against the negative effects of plaque.

Your hygiene appointment at Aria Dental Studio in Vancouver includes:

  • Update of medical history, blood pressure, digital images, and photos.

  • Screening exams for oral cancer, gum disease, bone health, bite abnormalities, and overall tooth health.

  • Tooth and gum cleaning based on your individual needs, including:

    • Super Clean: tartar and plaque removal, polishing, and fluoridation (leaving you feeling fresh, clean and ready to smile).

    • Super-Sensi-Clean: Same as Super Clean, but tailored to those with sensitive teeth. We choose dental materials and products that prevent sensitization during the procedure – and even afterwards if requested. (No grimacing necessary!).

    • Super Clean + Whitening: Same as the Super Clean but with an in-office teeth whitening procedure – leaving your teeth extra bright when you walk out of your appointment.

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