Our Services

Diagnostics Services

We use the industry’s latest technology to diagnose your dental issues thoroughly and precisely. This is the cornerstone of guaranteeing excellent treatment outcomes.


Digital X Rays

We use digital X-Ray technology, Dental Conebeam (CT) scans, and encephalograms, which use less radiation than traditional film X-Rays. These allow us to capture more precise imaging to guide treatments as simple as filling or as complex as implant placements, wisdom teeth extractions, and sinus lift surgeries.

Screening for sleep apnea

We use Dental Cone Beam (CT) scans alongside our jaw function expertise to diagnose and treat issues with constricted airways that prevent patients from getting the oxygen they need during sleep.

Digital Impressions via iTero scanner

We use a digital scanner to measure your oral anatomy. This helps us to diagnose and track gum recession; take impressions for Invisalign orthodontics; capture impressions for crowns, veneers and dentures. This is far more precise than the traditional putty impressions as well as more comfortable for our patients.

Oral and head and neck cancer screening

Screening for bruxism, gum disease, and gum recession can prevent serious oral issues in the future. Our iTero scanner helps us capture your baseline to diagnose any issues and track changes during regular check up appointments. Since bruxism can cause pain and damage to the teeth and gums and gum disease can cause bone and tooth loss, this is a vital service for dental patients. We'll help create a prevention plan that keeps your smile radiant and healthy!

Digital CT Scan, panoramic and encephalogram imaging

The convenience of having these imaging technologies in office saves our patients time, travel, and hassle. Our Cone Bean dental CT scanner captures detailed images of the jaw and sinuses, including nerves, blood vessels, root locations, and sinus intrusion problems. We can also identify the essential parameters that guide surgical decisions for gum surgeries and implant placement. Encephalograms and panoramic images are also vital tools that show the head and jaw anatomy to plan orthodontic treatments successfully.

Screening for bruxism (teeth grinding), gum disease and recession

Our iTero scanner as well clinical judgement help to first capture your baseline state in order to diagnose any issues then track any changes during your check up appointments by comparing the digital images and measurements. Bruxism can cause pain and damage to your teeth and gums. Gum disease (infected and inflamed gums) will cause bone and eventually tooth loss.
It is essential to have frequent check up appointments where these parameters are measured and interpreted in order to create a prevention plan to keep your smile a healthy and radiant one.

Screening for cavities

The best way to deal with cavities is to prevent them altogether. Our proactive approach includes a biannual check up and cleanings, reinforcing good habits, and tips for prevention. We will always inform you of potential risks and treat new cavities immediately to prevent further damage.

Jaw alignment assessment

Dr. Mehio's KOIS training gives him the skill to assess, diagnose, and treat jaw alignment issues successfully. Many patients come in with damage to the teeth, jaw pain, and headaches. Most of these symptoms negatively impact their quality of life. Dr. Mehio strives to continue to learn and employ the latest techniques to treat and address these issues in the most effective way.