As we get older, a less-than-ideal bite can cause our teeth to break down. This can lead to premature and dramatic changes in how our face and teeth look when we smile.

This advanced “aging of the teeth” is often a painless and slow-progressing process.

Signs of age-associated dental wear:

  • Your teeth look “shorter” than they used to look.

  • You notice a lot of “black space” between your lips when you smile.

  • You have cracked, chipped, or broken teeth.

  • Your teeth look yellow.

  • If you have dentures, they look too short.

  • Your lips look “thinner”.

  • Your cheeks looked “caved in”.

  • Your face looks “shorter”.

  • The muscles in your face look stressed.

  • Your eyes close while you smile.

  • Your lips pull together when you smile.

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