A Comprehensive Smile Analysis at our Vancouver dental office includes:

  • An oral cancer exam.

  • X-rays of your teeth, supporting bones, and jaw joint.

  • A specialized set of digital photos of your face, teeth, and gums.

  • Precision molds of your teeth for evaluation and study.

  • A record of how your teeth fit together.

  • Facial measurements to help determine appropriate dental treatment outcomes.

  • Measurements of the gums and bone around your teeth.

  • Tooth colour analysis.

Tests and follow-up work performed by Dr. Mehio after your appointment:

  • Study of your precision molds on a specialized bite machine (to analyze your bite).

  • Analysis of your specially selected photos.

  • Analysis of all other dental tests.

Once the tests are completed and analyzed, you return to see Dr. Mehio and discuss his Report of Findings. There, you’ll decide together on the course of dental treatment that best serves your personal needs and desires. If you are a patient who, for whatever reason, has only been able to receive “repair” or “patchwork” dentistry during your life, and you desire a successful and long-term comprehensive plan to make your teeth look great and last for a long time, ask us how you can benefit from the Comprehensive Smile and Bite Analysis.

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